Monday, April 11, 2011


I spied these little beauties in Martha Stewart magazine a few years ago.  I was determined to carve out time to make a dozen or so of them.  How fun to have a collection of them adorn a spring time table?!  I made the run to Michael's for the "Mod Podge" glue and had several scraps of deGournay wallpaper (leftover from an installation in my home) to use... why let any handpainted butterfly, flower, or bird go to waste?!  Sadly, the project is still sitting in my "craft closet" waiting to be done.  As soon as I tackle it, I'll post photos.  Until then... I imagine they will look something like this (although my butterflies are much more colorful)...

For the "how-to"... visit:

More inspiration...
Made out of stylish paper napkins.  Here for the "how-to"... Martha Stewart

Made from botanical prints

Silhouette cut-outs

Happy crafting!


  1. Gorgeous!!! I think these are fabulous and you have single handedly managed to get me totally inspired to be crafty this Easter!

    Angela x

  2. You have found the most gorgeous pictures to inspire! I finally got around to making my own this weekend.


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