Sunday, April 24, 2011


I love "traditions" & I'm always envious of people/families who diligently celebrate them.  I'm also honored when asked to take part in and celebrate another persons tradition.  This happened today and I LOVED it...

{pronounced: TSOO-grees-mah}
Eggs are boiled & dyed with red food coloring

A greek tradition that my friend Klio and her family do every Easter.  Tsougrisma involves two players and red eggs.  Each player holds a red egg.  One taps the end of her/his egg lightly against the end of the other player's egg.  The goal is to crack the opponent's egg.  When one end is cracked, the winner uses the same end of her/his egg to try to crack the other end of the opponent's egg.  The player who successfully cracks both ends of the other players egg is declared the winner and, it is said, will have good luck during the year.  Adults and kids loved this game and I hope you do too!

So, on this Easter weekend... a toast to family, friendships and traditions.  And a very special THANK YOU to the Shanks family who opened their home, hearts and dining room (I'm still dreaming about the brunch... and sad to report that my camera failed to capture the beyond ree-diculous display of entertaining at it's finest!) to a house full of lovely people and a ga-zillion kids with uber-muddy shoes.

Perhaps another "tradition" in the making... ;-)

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