Friday, May 27, 2011

You Drinkin' The Kool-Aid?

It's Memorial Day weekend and you might need to make yourself a few pitchers of these for that backyard bbq you're hosting...

"Kool-Aid Cocktails" from The Backyard Bartender
{Hey Stark family... I wonder how these would hold up against the "Grape Coolies"?}

AND... "blog love" from this week...
1.  Pretty party by Mindy Weiss in the latest issue of RUE
2.  Can someone make & deliver to me at 5pm?
3. How did she score EIGHT pieces?  Darrr-lllllling.
4. A great house & shopowner!
5. Has NOTHING to do with "home" but it's hysterical
6. Great idea for a crafty kid party
7. Win a FREE copy
8.  Because she's just so dang cool

happy loooonng weekend! :-)

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