Monday, June 13, 2011

Because It's Totally Normal...

To hang around your house in a fancy dress and high heels while doing household chores or playing with your kids...

Nadja Swarovski playing "dress up" in her London townhouse
{via Harper's Bazaar}

Aerin Lauder working in her home office
{via Harper's Bazaar}

Bridget Moynahan changing diapers in little Jack's nursery
{via Harper's Baazar}

Gwyneth cooking amongst Buzz Lightyear, et. al

Kelly Wearstler with her little monkeys in her foyer
{via Vogue}

Kai Milla (Stevie Wonder's wife) hoola-hooping with her kiddos poolside
{via Harper's Bazaar}

Tamara Mellon (CEO of Jimmy Choo) and her daughter
{via Harpers Bazaar}

Come on... admit it... you know there is a part of you that wants to do it too. ;-)

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