Friday, June 17, 2011

It's Official!

No matter what the weatherman says, my first official day of summer starts with the last day of school... and ready or not, it's arrived!  Looking forward to crazy chaos around my house for the next few months....  

{great print for a beach house with a yellow/black/white palette... buy here!}

Happy Summer!

And blog love this week...
1. Pretty office supplies
2. For a colorful day in the shade  
3. It's about time!  Genius.
4. Very cute DIY party favor floret for the crafty
5. Knock-Knock... I'll take the Lioness!
6. Pretty NY townhouse tour
7. Cute, practical & fun for hauling your goods... I like the blue one
8. An invite to the county fair
9. Printable Father's Day cards for the kids to color
10. Do they really come this perfect?!

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