Friday, August 26, 2011

The "Last Weekend" Of Summer...

In the spirit of the "last weekend"... before my kids go back school & the land of "organized chaos" {as opposed to lazy-summer-day-chaos}... I had to post a fun family/crafty activity from one of my new favorite blog finds, "Whatever" {you must read her "family band" post... possibly the cutest thing ever}... this gal is super crafty, talented, funny & an uber-cool mom... 

{Follow here to make your own & see more photos}

Happy Weekend!

More blog love this week...
1. Photographer crush... James Knowler
2. Planning for natural disasters... the emergency bucket... buy one... I did!
3. If only I could have been one of the flower girls... forget Kardashian... Moss blows doors off her shin-dig!
4.  The September Issue... totally agree
5.  A "Prayer Of The Woods"... loved this!
6.  Kinda want me a pair of these for fall
7.  Never thought about "drinking pretty" (scroll down to bottom of "mixed bag" post)... now I will!

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