Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Round 'Em Up!

My husband and I often plot covert operations... "Project Clear OUT the Playroom"... where we raid the room late night and quietly fill bags with toys we feel have had their day or just need to move on to another lucky household... and yet, when it comes to my kids beloved stuffed animals, my bleeding heart stops me from secretly shipping them off.

Then I come across this genius thing and think, why the heck didn't I invent it?!  Not only does it serve the purpose of cleaning house, it gives a cushy spot for all the little plushy loved ones to cozy up together AND it turns it's whole self into one big bean bag to sit, jump, snuggle up with...

The Animal Bag from Boon


1 comment:

  1. Brilliant! I'm also an under-cover toy chucker... this might just save a whole lot of tears in our household!

    Angela x


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