Friday, November 4, 2011

Wings To Fly...

I've been coveting "angel wings" as of late.  Looking at them {or wearing them as I have a certain "angel wing" necklace from Jewelry by Veronique}, I feel protected, free, peaceful and light.  Would love this pair to grace a bookshelf in my office.  A constant reminder to get out of the trenches of daily life... be free, peaceful, light... and fly...

Gold Chariots of Fire Wings via

Happy Weekend! crushes for the week...
1. Edible place cards
3. Furniture men hate... this gave me a good chuckle as it's dead on for my husband
4. Michael Cina... gorgeous art
5. Must read and purchase a few extra as gifts for girlfriends
6. The latest issue of Matchbook Magazine is worth a peek
7. The Selby at Fendi in Rome
8. She's RAD

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