Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Cozy Monogram...

Weary of the person who doesn't LOVE a monogram... I drool over monogram designs and was giddy when I got word of these new pillows from Kyle Bunting {thanks Megan!!}.  

Honestly...fur & a monogram... does it get better?!

To order: Kyle Bunting
Endless personalization options and over 70 different color choices.



  1. I have Followers it This post is really very interesting. and informative. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Hi Jennie, just arrived new here and you've got such a nice blog! I'm also a fan of monograms and letters lately, so it's great to read this post. :-) Anyway, hope to read more of you, I'll be sure to follow you!
    Take care! Inge x

  3. They look awesome! I don't mind having them in my house, they are so much fun!

  4. Who wouldn't love a monogram in their home. It's so indulgent and love the style with the different fabrics, colours and letter styles. Fabulous. I think every home should have a monogram pillow and cushion. Love your blog and will be reading more. Thank you.


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