Friday, December 30, 2011

Feeling Frisky...

Aerin Lauder has had hers for years... 

{Lauder couch circa 2007}

{Lauder couch circa 2011}

...and I will add that if I could only afford ONE addition to my house this new year, it would be a leopard couch.  A not so subtle yet sophisticated, classic timeless statement.  

A couch that firmly states, 

"Nope, I'm not afraid to be ME"... 


{photo credits: 1. elle decor 2. vogue 3. habitually chic}


  1. On our NYE donation dropoff at the Housing Works Thrift Shop in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn I saw a FABULOUS leopard print couch for under $600. I didn't spend too much time looking it over for condition (since I have nowhere to put a new couch!) but I about went bonkers it was so gorgeous and for that price!!

  2. Oh, how I wish I was close to that thrift shop! Sounds dreamy... for that price?! I'll have to keep hunting... thanks for the post! :-)


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