Monday, January 9, 2012

Coco's Apartment...

Said to be superstitious and reluctant to "show off" her wealth, Coveteur went inside Coco Chanel's apartment at 31 Rue Cambon and photographed the intimate symbols and details of the space {as it were at the time of her passing}... and I had to regurgitate it all here because, well, it's Coco's apartment...

{"Coco would sit on the top of these stairs to watch her fashion shows below... she could spy the crowd reactions thru the mirrors without being noticed}

{This custom designed chandelier cleverly uses the iconic No. 5's... can you see them?}

{The infamous custom designed Coco couch... which she covered in suede as opposed to the familiar silk or velvet... a very cutting edge choice of fabric at the time}

{Scores of shelves lined with red books... similar to the tones of the famous rouge lipsticks she created}

{Wheat symbolizes prosperity and can be seen throughout Coco's apartment... Karl Lagerfield has even sprinkled symbols of "wheat" in his various collections}

{Coco replaced these traditional marble table tops with black lacquer... recalls the black lacquer makeup packaging with the logo on top} 

{These gold boxes were gifts from the Duke of Westminster}

{The open mouth of a frog is said to bring love, luck, money & health... placed inside the mouth is a crystal... both examples of important symbols/superstitions in Coco's life}

Fascinating, right?!  

See more: The Coveteur
All images via The Coveteur - Photography by Jake Rosenberg

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