Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Melanie Acevedo...

Inspiring spaces from this talented photographer who has captured many famous faces in their homes... from Jenna Lyons to Mary McDonald to Brad Pitt, etc., etc...

See more: Melanie Acevedo


  1. Oh my! If my home looked like that I would never leave the place! What beautiful images! So fresh and inspiring! x Melissa

  2. Wow! That first image & those lime green doors - I am in love! You have a lovely blog, added to my daily reads :) Ashleigh, (www.illusiveprint.com)

  3. So many images to Pin- happy to find you via Desire to Inspire

  4. Was just directed to your blog by one of my own blog readers, in high excitement, because I wrote the book in the fourth photograph down. Have never seen it so elegantly styled. But even more exciting is to discover your beautiful blog, with all these delightful photographs. It's absolutely lovely.


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